RWEA welcomes amendments to renewables law – Romania, 29 November 2016

The Romanian Association for Wind Energy (RWEA) said that it welcomes the proposed amendments to the law on renewables and the support scheme for electricity producers from renewable sources (RES), which have been severely hit by legislation changes in 2013. The statement from RWEA said that it supports rational decisions aimed at finding a reasonable […]

Rottco launches new independent petrol stations network – Romania, 29 November 2016

Consult Rottco, Romanian company that operates on fuel wholesale and retail markets, will complete the installation of the first 30 petrol stations this week, as a part of Rottco Synergy project. The statement from the company said that the installation of equipment will be completed this week and 30 petrol stations will be equipped with […]

Energean to invest 50 million dollars in offshore field – Greece, 29 November 2016

Greek oil producer Energean Oil & Gas announced that it will invest to develop a proven offshore oil and gas field in western Greece, which would be the third field that the company operates in the country. Energean is currently operating two offshore oil fields in Prinos basin in northwestern Greece. The company aims to […]