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Energy Daily 30.11.2018

Edition 30.11.2018 with 62 pages and 17 energy news articles This report is just one segment of our Energy NEWS service. Register for free to our POWER PORTAL – […]

OSHEE bought 73,800 MWh of electricity for December delivery – Albania, 28 November 2018

Albanian electricity distribution system operator OSHEE bought a total of 73,800 MWh of electricity worth some 5.6 million euros, which will be delivered in the 1-9 December period, via auction […]

EnC and BiH signed settlement agreement on TPP Ugljevik 3 – Bosnia and Herzegovina, 28 November 2018

Energy Community (EnC) Secretariat announced that another successful mediation was conducted under the auspices of its Dispute Resolution Center, this time as a part of the dispute settlement procedure regarding […]