Bi-Weekly Risk and Portfolio Optimization

Month-ahead forecast

Outright and spread trading strategies for all tradeable products in Hungary and SEE

“Bi-weekly risk and portfolio optimization report” is focused on trading and risk mitigations strategies on Hungarian and SEE markets. It contains concrete advices and strategies for trading and managing of opened positions for: Week+1, Week+2, Month+1, Month +2, Quarter+1, Quarter+2, Year+1 products.

The “Bi-Weekly risk and portfolio report” is delivered as an extensive document 30-40 pages document on bi-weekly basis which contains advices for trading and the most important global and regional factors which can impact Hungarian and SEE power markets during the next two weeks. With the report you get an optional bi-weekly telco with our expert, who will discuss with you proposed trading strategies and underlying analytics on which the trading strategy is based on.

Download (PDF, Bi-Weekly-Risk-and-Portfolio-05-10-2021.pdf)