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April-1 2015 edition ofBalkan Energy NEWS publication, with 104 pages and 117 energy news articles.

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Table of content, EnergyNEWS April-1 2015:


  • SEE Power Sector statistical data 2010-2014 – page 6
  • Weekly Carbon Trading Market update – page 23


[Region, 02.04.] EC will test joint electricity system next year

[Region, 02.04.] Ukraine signed new agreement for purchase of Russian gas

[Region, 07.04.] Turkmenistan discussing natural gas exports to Europe

[Region, 08.04.] Enel could receive more than 1.25 billion euros for its stake at Slovenske Elektrarne

[Region, 09.04.] TAP is open to other shareholders

[Region, 10.04.] Ukraine opens for investments in the gas sector

[Region, 13.04.] Gas transit through Ukraine cancelled South Stream project

[Region, 14.04.] Slovakian Government could compete for Enel’s stake in SE

[Region, 13.04.] Iran is ready to supply natural gas to Europe

[Region, 14.04.] EC: Turkish Stream is acceptable if it complies with EU regulations

[Region, 15.04.] Turkish Stream route might be extended


[Albania, 01.04.] Explosion on the Bankers Petroleum drilling site

[Albania, 07.04.] Part of Tirana out of electricity due to fire in substation

[Albania, 08.04.] OSSHE collected 192 million EUR in four months – equal to 50% of 2014


[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 02.04.] First Energy Summit to be held in Neum

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 02.04.] Chinese Ambassador has given support to the thermal power plant project in Zenica

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 03.04.] Austrian MY-PV to continue with investments in solar power

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 04.04.] Final ranking of bidders for Banovici TPP by end of September

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 07.04.] Elektroprenos BiH signed more than 45 new contracts in 2015

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 07.04.] Republic of Srpska has lowest electricity prices in the region

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 08.04.] PM Cvijanovic: Stanari project is of the utmost importance for the RS

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 08.04.] Lack of supplies could shut down TPP Gacko

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 08.04.] British company to build small hydropower plant on Drinjaca river

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 11.04.] Energopetrol reduced losses in 2014

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 13.04.] Minister Djokic: Gas connection with Serbia is the only option for RS

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 15.04.] TPP Gacko back online after successful overhaul

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 15.04.] 2 million euros donation for new biomass heating plant


[Bulgaria 01.04.] Bulgaria cancelled Westinghouse nuclear reactors deal

[Bulgaria 02.04.] Bulgartransgaz resumes works on Dobrich – Silistra gas pipeline

[Bulgaria, 08.04.] NEK debt settlement allows lower electricity prices

[Bulgaria, 08.04.] Westinghouse to continue talks on Kozloduy

[Bulgaria, 11.04.] NPP Kozloduy Unit 5 shut down for annual overhaul

[Bulgaria, 14.04.] Only one energy project will be funded from Juncker Plan so far

[Bulgaria, 14.04.] Minister Petkova: Increase taxation on electricity exports

[Bulgaria, 15.04.] Maritsa Iztok Mines gets 25.6 million euros loan

[Bulgaria, 16.04.] No drastic electricity price increase before elections


[Croatia, 02.04.] Spin Valis invested 9.5 million euros in combined heat and power plant

[Croatia 02.04.] Intel Trade will manage electricity plant in Belisce

[Croatia 02.04.] Vrdoljak: The effects of gas price cuts will be visible next winter

[Croatia 03.04.] OLAF lawsuits for the LNG Hrvatska advisory services tender

[Croatia, 06.04.] HEP hires IPO consultants

[Croatia, 06.04.] Gazprom is still interested in Croatian market

[Croatia, 07.04.] LNG Hrvatska seeks consultant for documenation preparation

[Croatia, 09.04.] Local company to build two cogeneration plants

[Croatia, 10.04.] Sisak refinery could resume production by the end of April

[Croatia, 10.04.] Public debate on 10-year plan of development of gas transmission system

[Croatia, 15.04.] HAZU: Oil and gas exploration is economically and socially beneficial


[Greece 03.04.] Greece showing interest in Turkish Stream

[Greece, 07.04] Russia might offered conditional gas discount and commercial loans

[Greece, 15.04.2015] DEPA cut natural gas prices by 16%

[Greece, 15.04.2015] Standard & Poor degraded Greek credit rating, with negative outlook


[Hungary 03.04.] MET acquisition of GDF Suez gas business approved

[Hungary 03.04.] Fogaz gets national license

[Hungary, 06.04.] Energy efficiency legislation draft presented

[Hungary, 09.04.] Hungary stopped gas deliveries to Ukraine

[Hungary, 10.04.] MVM now fully owns NPP Paks

[Hungary, 10.04.] Storage facility construction could increase the price of NPP Paks project

[Hungary, 13.04.] Increase in sales of vehicle fuel

[Hungary, 15.04.] Mavir buys 1.8 million euros transformer

[Hungary, 16.04.] MOL shareholders approve 165 million euros dividend

[Hungary, 16.04.] Hungary-Slovakia gas pipeline testing phase extended


[Macedonia, 06.04.] EEC: Deadline for Macedonian appeal passed

[Macedonia, 08.04.] ELEM activates 5.6 million euros bank guarantee for HPP Sveta Petka project


[Montenegro 02.04.] CGES: net profits in 2014 amounted to 12.14 million euros

[Montenegro, 11.04.] A2A to invest 2.1 billion euros in energy network

[Montenegro, 11.04.] Construction works at Krnovo wind farm should start in May

[Montenegro, 14.04.] EPCG: Average March electricity bill at 39 euros

[Montenegro, 14.04.] EPCG will invest 1.6 million euros in electricity grid maintenance

[Montenegro, 15.04.] CGES starts the construction of Niksic 2 transformer station


[Romania, 02.04.] Romania will introduce additional taxes on natural resources exploitation

[Romania, 03.04.] No agreement between Electrica and Fondul Proprieatatea reached

[Romania, 03.04.] Electrica net profits risen in 2014

[Romania, 03.04.] OMV Petrom contributed 19 billion euros to state budged over 10 years

[Romania, 03.04.] Lukoil to invest further 184 million euros in Romania

[Romania 04.04.] Bepco invests in cogeneration

[Romania, 06.04.] Energy savings policies triggered almost a billion euros of investments

[Romania, 07.04.] Hidroelectrica buys 1.7 million euros worth IT system

[Romania, 07.04.] GDF Suez Romania buys 14 % stake in Congaz

[Romania, 08.04.] KMG International to invest over 200 million dollars in Romania

[Romania, 09.04.] Energy output rises by 4.2 % in the first two months of 2015

[Romania, 09.04.] NPP Cernavoda unit 1 is reconnected to the grid

[Romania, 10.04.] Transgaz under investigation by Energy Community

[Romania, 10.04.] Arbitration Court rules penalty on CEZ

[Romania, 10.04.] PM Ponta: Romania must rely on thermal power plants

[Romania, 15.04.] State aid for thermal electricity producer

[Romania, 15.04.] Transgaz plans to triple investments

[Romania, 15.04.] Oscar Downstream to invest 10 million euros in 2015


[Serbia, 03.04] Slovak company to build two biomass plants in Sombor

[Serbia, 03.04.] EPS: Tender for the analysis of further use of small units in TPPs

[Serbia, 03.04.] Revitalization of fifth unit on HPP Djerdap 1 completed

[Serbia, 06.04.] Obradovic: Reorganization of EPS needed for it to be profitable

[Serbia, 06.04.] EPS loss of 267 million euros due to last year’s floods

[Serbia, 07.04.] Electricity price could be increased two times by the end of 2015

[Serbia, 08.04.] 1.8 million households have defective electricity meters

[Serbia, 09.04.] Turkish Stream is the only viable option for now

[Serbia, 13.04.] Serbia wants to be included in Turkish Stream project

[Serbia, 14.04.] Serbia could get natural gas from Azerbaijan

[Serbia, 15.04.] EPS filed a request for assessing environmental impact of SHPP Temac


[Kosovo, 04.04] Kosovo plans several tenders for power network upgrades

[Kosovo, 13.04.] Reprogramming of KEK’s loans


[Slovenia, 02.04.] Slovenia And Turkey Signed letter Of Intent on energy cooperation

[Slovenia, 08.04.] Expected GDP increase of 2.2 percent in 2015

[Slovenia, 11.04.] NPP Krsko under scheduled maintenance

[Slovenia, 14.04.] Slovenia will not extend public hearing on oil and gas exploitation in the Adriatic

[Slovenia, 16.04.] RWE to enter Slovenian electricity market


[Turkey, 02.04.] Minister Yildiz announced construction of drilling platforms

[Turkey, 02.04.] Parliament approved agreement with Japan regarding construction of NPP in Sinop

[Turkey, 06.04.] Head of TEIAS resigned due to blackout issue

[Turkey, 07.04.] Ankara hopes for gas discount on Iranian gas

[Turkey, 08.04.] Cengiz Insaat won the tender for hydraulic structures for NPP Akkuyu

[Turkey, 09.04.] Turkey may sell part of its shares in TANAP

[Turkey, 13.04.] Another power outage hits Turkey

[Turkey, 13.04.] Limak Holding to continue investments in electricity generation

[Turkey, 14.04.] Minister Yildiz: NPP Akkuyu will meet almost 30 % of Turkish electricity needs

[Turkey, 15.04.] Iranian proposal to double gas deliveries rejected

[Turkey, 15.04.] Electricity distributor sues consumers in Southeastern provinces

[Turkey, 16.04.] Italian Saipen could win Turkish Stream contracts


Power data  – Page 68

  • Commercial flows per interconnection
  • Production / consumption / export / flow for each border in SEE

Power exchanges  – Page 89

  • Spot market
  • Futures market

ATC auctions – Page 96

  • Monthly ATC Auctions for April 2014 – Page 61


Tenders – Page 98


Upcoming events – Page 102


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