EnergyNEWS April-2 2016

April-2 2016 edition of Balkan Energy NEWS publication, with 98 pages and 82 energy news article.

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Table of content, EnergyNEWS April-2 2016:



  • New power exchanges and their impact on electricity market in SEE
  • Weekly Carbon Trading Market update



22.04. – Ukraine will not buy Russian natural gas and coal

27.04. – Gazprom plans to produce 8 % more gas in 2016

27.04. – Western Balkans countries agreed on day-ahead market integration

28.04. – Russia considers alternative South Stream route



19.04. – Government wants to renegotiate the agreement with TAP AG
25.04. –
Report on Devoll hydropower project


Bosnia and Herzegovina

18.04. – ERS and EP HZHB signed cooperation agreement

19.04. – Agreement on unit 7 at TPP Tuzla in two months

21.04. – Gas price to be reduced by 9 % as of 1 May

21.04. – BiH energy sector has the potential to double production

30.04. – Negotiations on HPP Buk Bijela concession still ongoing



19.04. – Offshore hydrocarbons exploration at Khan Asparuh block to begin

22.04. – CPC conducts inspections at Shell and Eko

25.04. – BEH signed 535 million euros loan

25.04. – CPC continues inspection at OMV Bulgaria offices
26.04. –
BEH reported profit of 15.1 million euros in 2015

27.04. – NEK repaid 309 million euros debt to AES Maritsa East 1

29.04. – Production and deliveries of energy products in February

29.04. – 9 companies expressed interest in Bulgaria-Greece gas interconnection capacity lease



21.04. – Land LNG terminal should be built after the floating one

27.04. – Rudine wind farm commissioned

28.04. – Croatia reached 0.5 GW in installed RES capacities
28.04. –
JANAF continues with good financial results in 2016

29.04. – INA recorded loss in the first quarter of 2016

29.04. – Pulsat Global did not apply to any tenders for LNG terminal project



18.04. – Government tries to avoid partial privatization of PPC

21.04. – Plan for the separation of ADMIE from PPC completed

25.04. – DESFA and Saipem signed MoU on cooperation
26.04. –
Government and SOCAR agreed on DESFA’s fee increase

29.04. – Greece and Bulgaria to coordinate their gas projects



19.04. – E.ON to invest 14.5 million euros in its assets in Hungary

20.04. – Shareholders of ELMU and EMASZ approved proposed dividend payouts

21.04. – Tigaz will not pay dividends for 2015

22.04. – MOL completes 750 million euros Eurobond pricing



20.04. – HPP Spilje and HPP Globocica produced 182 million kWh of electricity in 2016

25.04. – Domestic electricity production covered 70.8 % of consumption in February

29.04. – 20 companies interested in the construction of HPP Cebren and HPP Galiste



22.04. – CGES will consider EMS’ proposal in late June
25.04. –
Montenegro is the only Adriatic country without offshore hydrocarbons exploitation

28.04. – Jugopetrol recorded a loss of 0.545 million euros in Q1

29.04. – RAE has spent 10 % less funds than planned for 2015
30.04. –
Offer for second unit at TPP Pljevlja improved by 10 million euros



18.04. – ANRE supports amending of the green certificates taxation

18.04. – CEZ to invest over 150 million euros in Romania

18.04. – The first Romanian-Chinese partnership in energy sector

19.04. – 20 years of NPP Cernavoda operation

19.04. – Court will decide on EC Hunedoara’s insolvency administrator

20.04. – Renewable energy capacity reached 5,156 MW

20.04. – Fondul Proprietatea accused Engie Romania management of millions in damages

20.04. – Hidroelectrica to invest in HPP Mariselu reconstruction
21.04. –
Fondul Proprietatea sold stake in Romgaz for 121.8 million euros

21.04. – Reorganization at EC Oltenia to cut some management positions

22.04. – 20 % of management positions to be eliminated at EC Oltenia

22.04. – Moody’s upgraded Transelectrica’s rating

22.04. – Lonea and Lupeni coalmines to be closed

22.04. – Competition Council wins final lawsuit against OMV Petrom

26.04. – Hidroelectrica could exit insolvency on 11 May

26.04. – State will spend 23.5 million euros on Jiu Valley coalmines in 2016

27.04. – Gas prices to drop by 1 % on average as of 1 May

27.04. – Romania remains key market for OMV

27.04. – E.ON Romania reached 1.1 billion euros turnover in 2015

28.04. – OMV Petrom shares dropped by 15 % since mid-2015

28.04. – Hidroelectrica’s IPO could be the largest transaction in Romanian history

28.04. – EC Oltenia to lay off 5,000 employees in the next 5 years

29.04. – Romgaz’ payout of 223 million euros in dividends approved

29.04. – EC to continue offshore safety infringement against Romania



18.04. – Another gas price drop possible

19.04. – Overhaul of unit A4 at TPP Nikola Tesla A completed
20.04. –
Good operational results of Srbijagas in the first quarter

20.04. – Construction of large wind farms to start by the end of 2016
22.04. –
First cogeneration facility commissioned in Novi Sad

25.04. – Srbijagas will repay the last installment of debt for Russian gas in June

25.04. – EPS is planning to build wind farm and solar power plant

27.04. – Construction of wind farm near Vrsac started



28.04. – More than 10,000 households without electricity due to heavy snow



21.04. – Over one-third of TANAP project completed

22.04. – Iraqi and Turkmen gas may be transported via TANAP

24.04. – Turkey to use more coal and water resources to meet its energy demand

25.04. – World Bank and EIB to invest in TANAP

28.04. – Rosatom to sell 49 % stake in NPP Akkuyu project

29.04. – Turkey to add 4.8 GW of energy from domestic coal

29.04. – Gas imports from Russia fell by 26 % in February



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