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  • Analysis on availability and prices of cross border capacities in SEE – page 7
  • Weekly Carbon Trading Market update – page 23



[Region, 17.08.] Israel approved a deal on gas production in the Mediterranean

[Region, 18.08.] Ukraine is stockpiling gas for winter season

[Region, 19.08.] Russia to offer new gas pipeline

[Region, 19.08.] TAP received no offers for gas supply from Iran

[Region, 22.08.] EU will not block TurkStream gas pipeline project

[Region, 22.08.] Ukraine could get cheaper Russian natural gas

[Region, 25.08.] Negotiations on the SEAS sale has started

[Region, 25.08.] Naftogaz denies asking that transit fees are to be paid in advance

[Region, 25.08.] Gazprom to reach agreement with EC on market abuse charges

[Region, 29.08.] EIB will finance TAP
[Region, 01.09.]
Gazprom to export 158 billion cubic meters of gas to Europe in 2015


[Albania, 26.08.] TAP licensed as gas transmission operator

[Albania, 28.08.] KfW loan for HPP Vau Dejes reconstruction

[Albania, 31.08.] 39 % of oil production sold in domestic market


[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 19.08.] RS is open to new investments in energy sector

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 22.08.] Elektrokrajina signed supply contracts with 61 % of consumers

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 22.08.] Ugljevik arbitration to start on 30 October

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 24.08.] BiH could be sanctioned by EC

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 25.08.] NIS to sell three Gazprom petrol stations

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 25.08.] RiTE Gacko reported 8.47 million euros loss

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 26.08.] Annex to the agreement with Kelag signed

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 27.08.] SHPP Zapece has been put into operation

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 28.08.] Shell will be re-invited for oil exploration

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 29.08.] Federal Government gave consent for TPP Banovici construction

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 31.08.] HET already achieved 75 % of its annual production plan


[Bulgaria, 19.08.] Total will start Black Sea drilling in early 2016

[Bulgaria, 20.08.] Price of diesel is the highest in the EU

[Bulgaria, 20.08.] PM Borisov for stricter control of fuel quality

[Bulgaria, 21.08.] Fines for fuel irregularities are too small

[Bulgaria, 24.08.] Fuel irregularities fines should be increased ten times

[Bulgaria, 26.08.] Bulgaria will seek compensation for cancelled South Stream project

[Bulgaria, 27.08.] Natural gas prices may drop more than 13.6 % in October

[Bulgaria, 27.08.] KEVR approved PPAs with US owned power plants

[Bulgaria, 31.08.] Fuel consumption increased by 12 % since the introduction of strict controls

[Bulgaria, 31.08.] Increased electricity and gas production in June

[Bulgaria, 31.08.] Cooperation with Azerbaijan in energy sector


[Croatia, 17.08.] PM supports hydrocarbons exploration in the Adriatic

[Croatia, 18.08.] Fuel prices are falling five weeks in a row

[Croatia, 20.08.] Government approved credit guarantee to Plinacro

[Croatia, 21.08.] Plinacro published preliminary design tenders for new gas pipeline routes

[Croatia, 22.08.] Electricity consumption continues five-year downward trend

[Croatia, 24.08.] Production of oil products fell by 12 % in 2014

[Croatia, 26.08.] Oil and gas concession agreements still on hold

[Croatia, 28.08.] HEP obtained environmental permit for TPP Rijeka

[Croatia, 29.08.] JANAF’s dividends payout

[Croatia, 29.08.] Acciona to invest 90 million euros in two wind farms

[Croatia, 01.09.] HEP’s net profit rose by 1.7 %


[Greece, 18.08.] Unpaid electricity bills reached 2 billion euros

[Greece, 18.08.] Liberalization of gas and electricity market

[Greece, 21.08.] TurkStream will guarantee European energy security

[Greece, 24.08.] Energean to perform aerial survey of Ioannina block

[Greece, 26.08.] SOCAR still interested in DESFA

[Greece, 31.08.] Eltech Anemos recorded 40 % higher profit

[Greece, 01.09.] Hydrocarbons tenders delayed due to political uncertainty


[Hungary, 18.08.] MOL and Unipetrol to takeover Agip petrol stations

[Hungary, 27.08.] Competition Office approved Budapesti Eromu acquisition


[Macedonia, 17.08.] OKTA did not permanently stop fuel deliveries to Makpetrol

[Macedonia, 28.08.] ELEM announced investments in TPP Bitola
[Macedonia, 01.09.]
Cheaper electricity for Macedonian households


[Montenegro, 21.08.] January-July electricity production higher than in 2014

[Montenegro, 21.08.] Construction of new energy capacities in Montenegro under question

[Montenegro, 24.08.] Montenegro wants to participate in TAP project

[Montenegro, 27.08.] Submarine cable laying should be resumed soon

[Montenegro, 01.09.] Slovenian and Turkish consortium to build HPPs on Moraca river


[Romania, 17.08.] NPP Cernavoda produced 6.56 million MWh in 2015

[Romania, 18.08.] Enel to invest further 2 million euros in network modernization

[Romania, 18.08.] Gas market deregulation to make customers more energy aware

[Romania, 18.08.] Romanian TSO reported lower profit in the first half of 2015

[Romania, 19.08.] KMG International invested over 1.56 billion dollars

[Romania, 20.08.] Coal production stood at 2.229 million tons in H1

[Romania, 20.08.] Less than 1 % of installed wind turbines are used ones

[Romania, 20.08.] OMV Petrom to consider secondary listing at London SE

[Romania, 20.08.] Electrica plans to increase productivity with layoffs and outsourcing

[Romania, 24.08.] State loses arbitration trial with German E.On

[Romania, 25.08.] EC Oltenia considers selling some power units

[Romania, 27.08.] Transgaz estimates September gas demand at 6.4 million MWh

[Romania, 27.08.] Nuclearelectrica sues ArcelorMittal for contract termination

[Romania, 27.08.] Wind energy investors recorded huge losses in 2014

[Romania, 27.08.] Government approved energy deal with Moldova

[Romania, 28.08.] Midia Resources continues operation under new name

[Romania, 28.08.] Gas transport tariffs decreased, pipeline capacity reservation increased

[Romania, 28.08.] Hidroelectrica has begun with preparations for listing procedures

[Romania, 28.08.] Transgaz to invest 200 million euros in regional gas pipeline

[Romania, 28.08.] Almost record high electricity consumption in July

[Romania, 01.09.] Black Sea reserves have similar potential as the North Sea ones


[Serbia, 25.08.] Serbia will not opt for either Russian or US natural gas

[Serbia, 25.08.] Serbia to increase the utilization of biomass

[Serbia, 26.08.] TPP Nikola Tesla unit A5 taken offline for scheduled maintenance

[Serbia, 27.08.] EPS to establish new company in Kosovo


[Slovenia, 18.08.] NPP Krsko production in July below planned

[Slovenia, 28.08.] Petrol reported decreased income, but higher profit


[Turkey, 19.08.] Draft agreement on TurkStream project sent to Russia

[Turkey, 19.08.] Weakened lira increased costs of natural gas imports

[Turkey, 20.08.] Lake Tuz underground gas storage will be fully commissioned in 2019

[Turkey, 21.08.] OMV may sell Samsun gas-fired power plant

[Turkey, 22.08.] Turkey should increase renewables share in its energy portfolio

[Turkey, 25.08.] Gas flow from Azerbaijan halted due to sabotage

[Turkey, 28.08.] SOCAR Turkey Enerji plans to acquire share in TANAP

[Turkey, 01.09.] Total sold its Turkish assets to Demiroren

[Turkey, 01.09.] SOCAR Turkey Enerji to acquire power plant for Petkim petrochemicals plant

[Turkey, 01.09.] OMV is suing Turkey for leaving Nabucco gas pipeline project



Power data  – Page 65

  • Commercial flows per interconnection
  • Production / consumption / export / flow for each border in SEE

Power exchanges  – Page 88

  • Spot market
  • Futures market

ATC auctions – Page 92

  • Monthly ATC Auctions for September 2015


Tenders – Page 98


Upcoming events – Page 102


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