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  • Natural gas transmission in South Eastern Europe – page 7
  • Weekly Carbon Trading Market update – page 13



[Region, 17.07.] Slovnaft interested in state partnership over SEAS purchase

[Region, 20.07.] PGNiG took over Polish section of Yamal-Europe gas pipeline

[Region, 20.07.] Gas deliveries to Europe during winter uncertain

[Region, 21.07.] Gas transit through Slovakia decreased

[Region, 22.07.] First Polish NPP operational in 15 years

[Region, 22.07.] Statoil to leave TAP project

[Region, 23.07.] Gazprom disagrees that its gas prices are too high

[Region, 24.07.] Enel to start Slovenske Elektrarne shares sale procedure

[Region, 28.07.] Gazprom’s gas production to hit historical low

[Region, 29.07.] Ukraine imported more gas from Europe than from Russia in 2015


[Albania, 17.07.] Bankers Petroleum increased production by 1.4 %


[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 17.07.] Electricity price hike possible in FBiH

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 20.07.] There will be no electricity price hike in FBiH

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 22.07.] ERS stands by its request for electricity price hike

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 22.07.] HPP Dabar now 100 % owned by HET

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 22.07.] RiTE Gacko will not temporarily shutdown its operation

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 23.07.] Oil and oil products export decreased

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 23.07.] Construction of SHPP Bocac 2 to start by the end of July

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 24.07.] New RES regulations in the process of public hearing

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 26.07.] Energo Praha interested in power plant construction

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 28.07.] Environmental permit renewed for TPP Stanari

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 30.07.] TPP Banovici tender closed

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 30.07.] Local company to build small hydropower plant

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 31.07.] EPBiH achieved 1.58 million euros net profit in the first half of 2015


[Bulgaria, 17.07.] Final stage of negotiations with US owned TPPs

[Bulgaria, 17.07.] Natural gas prices in Bulgaria will not rise

[Bulgaria, 18.07.] EU Court condemns CEZ’ discriminatory practice

[Bulgaria, 20.07.] BIA seeks electricity discounts for large consumers

[Bulgaria, 22.07.] KEVR could announce new electricity prices on 31 July

[Bulgaria, 27.07.] Protests against electricity price hike announced

[Bulgaria, 28.07.] KEVR announced electricity price rise on 31 July
[Bulgaria, 31.07.]
KEVR announced new electricity prices

[Bulgaria, 31.07.] NEK’s deficit due to the contracts with AES and ContourGlobal

[Bulgaria, 01.08.] Electricity price hike protests to intensify in September


[Croatia, 17.07.] Minority of citizens support hydrocarbons exploration in the Adriatic

[Croatia, 20.07.] INA and PPD selected as gas suppliers for Petrokemija

[Croatia, 22.07.] Call for investors in LNG terminal on Krk

[Croatia, 22.07.] Croatia officially allowed submarine cable to pass through its territory

[Croatia, 23.07.] New summer electricity consumption record

[Croatia, 25.07.] Request for the construction of HPP Ombla rejected

[Croatia, 27.07.] Sanader’s corruption verdict annulled

[Croatia, 29.07.] OMV and Marathon Oil withdrew from tender for hydrocarbons exploration in Adriatic

[Croatia, 29.07.] TPP Rijeka remains in cold reserve

[Croatia, 30.07.] Cheniere Energy interested in floating LNG terminal on Krk

[Croatia, 30.07.] ExxonMobil withdrew from hydrocarbons exploration as well

[Croatia, 30.07.] INA’s profit fell by 11.8 % in the first half of 2015

[Croatia, 31.07.] JANAF doubled its profit


[Greece, 21.07.] Greece intends to continue with Russian gas pipeline project

[Greece, 29.07.] Government reluctant to privatize ADMIE


[Hungary, 24.07.] Government to speed up obtaining permits for NPP Paks

[Hungary, 28.07.] Electricity consumption in 2014 reached 42.5 TWh

[Hungary, 29.07.] Fogaz submitted an offer to take over Tigaz’ customers

[Hungary, 30.07.] MOL strengthens its position in Slovakia


[Macedonia, 24.07.] 70 % of May electricity consumption covered by domestic production

[Macedonia, 27.07.] High temperatures in July increased electricity consumption


[Montenegro, 18.07.] Voith Hydro interested in small hydropower plants projects

[Montenegro, 25.07.] Montenegro to award offshore oil concessions to all applicants

[Montenegro, 29.07.] Still no agreement on EPCG reached

[Montenegro, 31.07.] Jugopetrol’s profit rose 1.8 times

[Montenegro, 31.07.] EPCG recorded profit of 11.8 million euros in the first half of 2015

[Montenegro, 31.07.] Tender for granting of concessions for watercourses announced

[Montenegro, 01.08.] Record electricity consumption in July


[Romania, 17.07.] Hunedoara Energy Complex received agreed state aid

[Romania, 20.07.] OMV Petrom invests in redeveloping old oil deposits

[Romania, 21.07.] CNP forecasts crude oil imports increase in 2016

[Romania, 21.07.] Lukoil still waits for EC’s answer on seized assets

[Romania, 21.07.] TPP Rovinari project worth 1 billion euros is blocked

[Romania, 21.07.] Oltenia Energy Complex fired 2,000 employees

[Romania, 22.07.] Chinese company interested in Lukoil’s refinery

[Romania, 23.07.] Implementation of Thermal Heating Program extended

[Romania, 23.07.] NPP Cernavoda operating under nuclear safety conditions

[Romania, 24.07.] Three Romanian gas projects prioritized

[Romania, 24.07.] Transgaz to invest in regional gas corridor

[Romania, 24.07.] Government to reduce losses of Energy Complexes

[Romania, 24.07.] New performance standard for electricity supply approved

[Romania, 27.07.] Azeri Nobel Oil enters Romanian market

[Romania, 27.07.] Nuclearelectrica and CGNP to close deal by the end of 2015

[Romania, 29.07.] Government to sell part of its stake in Rompetrol

[Romania, 30.07.] Investors in RES ask for temporary market closure

[Romania, 31.07.] Transeastern completed the acquisition of two solar parks


[Serbia, 17.07.] Chinese Betek interested in TPP construction

[Serbia, 20.07.] Record daily consumption could be broken this week

[Serbia, 21.07.] Construction of Cibuk wind farm to start next year

[Serbia, 21.07.] New rules for electricity and gas supply

[Serbia, 24.07.] Transmission line construction to start in 2017

[Serbia, 29.07.] NIS recorded profit in the first half of 2015

[Serbia, 01.08.] Electricity price increased by 12 %


[Slovenia, 17.07.] NPP Krsko production in June slightly above planned

[Slovenia, 20.07.] NPP Krsko back online

[Slovenia, 21.07.] Service life of NPP Krsko extended

[Slovenia, 22.07.] J&T Investments bought 12 % of Petrol’s shares

[Slovenia, 28.07.] Slovenia will not participate in TurkStream project

[Slovenia, 01.08.] HSE joined Intercontinental Exchange


[Turkey, 17.07.] Turkey will benefit from Iran nuclear deal

[Turkey, 18.07.] Turkey will not make concessions to Russia in TurkStream project

[Turkey, 18.07.] Gas turbines for TANAP procured by Turkish company

[Turkey, 24.07.] Over 2,000 MW of installed power in the first half of 2015

[Turkey, 25.07.] Russia hopes to sign TurkStream agreement with Turkey soon

[Turkey, 27.07.] Turkey’s geographic position enables it to serve as oil and gas hub

[Turkey, 27.07.] Saudi Acwa Power acquires Turkish energy company

[Turkey, 28.07.] Russia sent intergovernmental agreement on TurkStream to Turkey

[Turkey, 28.07.] Sabotage suspends gas transport via Iran-Turkey pipeline

[Turkey, 29.07.] Sabotage halts oil pipeline operation

[Turkey, 30.07.] Turkey suspended talks on TurkStream

[Turkey, 30.07.] Privatization of 10 hydropower plants

[Turkey, 01.08.] TurkStream talks to continue in the autumn



Power data  – Page 59

  • Commercial flows per interconnection
  • Production / consumption / export / flow for each border in SEE

Power exchanges  – Page 82

  • Spot market
  • Futures market

ATC auctions – Page 189

  • Monthly ATC Auctions for August 2015


Tenders – Page 91


Upcoming events – Page 93


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