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  • Influence of temperatures on electricity consumption in SEE, 2nd part – page 6
  • Weekly Carbon Trading Market update – page 23


[Region, 04.05.] Ukraine seeks 16 billion dollars from Gazprom over pricing dispute

[Region, 08.05.] CEZ will not bid for Slovenske Elektrarne
[Region, 11.05.] Gazprom could make accommodations to avoid monopoly charges
[Region, 14.05.] SOCAR revealed plans for Shah Deniz 2
[Region, 15.05.] Ukraine will buy 50 % of natural gas from EU

[Albania, 04.05.] KESH to pay its debt to private HPPs
[Albania, 09.05.] Bankers will open 11 new wells
[Albania, 11.05.] OSHEE to start debt collection campaign
[Albania, 13.05.] 920 million dollars of investments in energy sector
[Albania, 16.05.] Tender for concession on 7 blocks opened

[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 05.05.] ERS will not be privatized
[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 06.05.] Electricity production decreased in February
[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 09.05.] Mines subsidizing possible through the price of electricity
[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 11.05.] Tender for contractor for HPP Bocac 2
[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 12.05.] Overhaul at TPP Ugljevik will be completed ahead of schedule
[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 14.05.] Increased profit and revenues in Elektrokrajina
[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 15.05.] Federal Government adopted the report on Energy balance
[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 16.05.] RiTE Gacko and Elektrokrajina owe 163.5 million euros
[Bosnia and Herzegovina, 17.05.] RiTE Ugljevik reported loss in the first quarter

[Bulgaria, 04.05.] Bulgaria and Iran have discussed Nabucco pipeline project
[Bulgaria, 04.05.] Bulgaria-Turkey gas interconnector bids to be opened on 8 May
[Bulgaria, 04.05.] Requests for electricity price rise are unfounded
[Bulgaria, 05.05.] NPP Kozloduy reported profit in the first quarter of 2015
[Bulgaria, 05.05.] Exxon Mobile to participate in Black Sea oil and gas exploitation
[Bulgaria, 06.05.] Anadarko is interested in hydrocarbon exploration in the Black Sea
[Bulgaria, 09.05.] Two more US companies interested in Black Sea hydrocarbons exploration
[Bulgaria, 11.05.] Turkish Stream will cost more than cancelled South Stream
[Bulgaria, 13.05.] Gas interconnector with Serbia will help energy security
[Bulgaria, 15.05.] NPP Kozloduy lowers electricity production
[Bulgaria, 15.05.] Bulgaria wants liquefied natural gas from Qatar

[Croatia, 04.05.] HEP doubled its profits in 2014
[Croatia, 04.05.] Construction of LNG terminal on Krk should start in 2016
[Croatia, 06.05.] INA proposed dividend payout for 2014
[Croatia, 07.05.] DZZP is against HPP Ombla project
[Croatia, 07.05.] Construction start date of LNG terminal is not realistic
[Croatia, 09.05.] Montenegrin hydrocarbons exploration perimeters are in Croatian waters
[Croatia, 11.05.] Mainland hydrocarbons exploration concession winners to be announced in two weeks
[Croatia, 12.05.] High Administrative Court ruled against MOL
[Croatia, 12.05.] Contract for the construction of biogas power plant in Sisak signed
[Croatia, 13.05.] Opening of bids for LNG Hrvatska consultant delayed
[Croatia, 13.05.] Government is preparing new shareholders’ agreement for INA
[Croatia, 15.05.] The state would lose billions on natural gas agreements with MOL
[Croatia, 15.05.] Start of public debate on environmental study for mainland hydrocarbons exploration

[Greece, 07.05.] Russia to provide financial support to Greek companies which join Turkish Stream project
[Greece, 08.05.] USA to present alternative to Turkish Stream pipeline
[Greece, 08.05.] French model to be used in electricity market liberalization

[Hungary, 06.05.] MOL expands its retail network in Czech Republic
[Hungary, 06.05.] Putin warns Hungary not to cancel NPP Paks expansion project
[Hungary, 08.05.] MOL’s earnings 47 % up in the first quarter of 2015
[Hungary, 12.05.] NPP Paks produced 15.6 TWh of electricity in 2014
[Hungary, 13.05.] New energy law to decrease consumption
[Hungary, 13.05.] Magyar Telecom is leaving residential gas market
[Hungary, 13.05.] Heating plant operator switches to biomass

[Montenegro, 08.05.] Jugopetrol pays 6 million euros in dividends
[Montenegro, 10.05.] Electricity losses decreased to 16.7 %
[Montenegro, 13.05.] EPCG established a subsidiary for the construction of unit 2 in TPP Pljevlja
[Montenegro, 17.05.] The Government is close to agreement with A2A on TPP Pljevlja

[Romania, 04.05.] Turnover of GDF Suez rose by 5 % in 2014
[Romania, 05.05.] Alro Slatina decreased energy consumption
[Romania, 05.05.] ANRE to pay 66 million euros in damages to GDF Suez
[Romania, 06.05.] Gazprom will not renew pipeline capacity booking
[Romania, 07.05.] Russian gas importer’s income drops in 2014
[Romania, 07.05.] Renewable energy sector unattractive to investors
[Romania, 07.05.] Hidroelectrica to invest 1.3 billion euros in the next five years
[Romania, 08.05.] Romania needs 3-4 billion euros a year for infrastructure upgrade
[Romania, 08.05.] New law on energy from renewable sources adopted
[Romania, 08.05.] E.ON Romania profit increased in the first quarter of 2015
[Romania, 08.05.] Local companies to be contracted in NPP Cernavoda project
[Romania, 11.05.] Enel recorded slightly lower profits in the first quarter
[Romania, 11.05.] EC Oltenia to fire 2,100 employees
[Romania, 11.05.] Hidroelectrica starts national-level program of HPPs upgrade
[Romania, 11.05.] Electricity production increased in Q1 2015
[Romania, 13.05.] CEZ’ profit stagnates
[Romania, 13.05.] Romgaz reported lower turnover
[Romania, 14.05.] EC Hunedoara to receive 8.9 million euros of state aid
[Romania, 15.05.] Rompetrol reported lower turnover by 40 %
[Romania, 15.05.] Nuclearelectrica increased profit in the first quarter
[Romania, 15.05.] Alro Slatina is back to profit in 2015

[Serbia, 04.05.] Electricity prices could go up by 8 %
[Serbia, 04.05.] NIS reported a loss in the first quarter
[Serbia, 04.05.] EPS dismissed allegations about smart meters tender
[Serbia, 05.05.] Condition for EBRD loan is the sale of part of EPS
[Serbia, 07.05.] Plan for EPS restructuring by mid-June
[Serbia, 08.05.] Chinese CEE to purchase stake in Plandiste wind farm
[Serbia, 09.05.] EPS published a tender for consultancy services for SHPPs
[Serbia, 11.05.] Production in TPP Kostolac is according to plan
[Serbia, 11.05.] Public call for implementation of biomass and biogas plants
[Serbia, 12.05.] Electricity price hike decision postponed until June
[Serbia, 13.05.] Srbijagas to form two new companies
[Serbia, 14.05.] Talks on Serbia’s participation in Turkish Stream are in consultation phase
[Serbia, 15.05.] Electricity prices will not rise by 30 % in the next three years

[Slovenia, 11.05.] Slovenia increased electricity production from renewables
[Slovenia, 13.05.] 12,300 consumers changed suppliers of electricity and gas
[Slovenia, 15.05.] NPP Krsko production in April slightly above plan

[Turkey, 04.05.] Gas from Southern Cyprus via Egypt is not viable option
[Turkey, 04.05.] New shareholders possible in TANAP project
[Turkey, 05.05.] Gazprom will discount gas prices for Turkish companies
[Turkey, 07.05.] 30 % of produced energy from renewable sources by 2023
[Turkey, 07.05.] Gazprom and Turkey agreed on Turkish Stream project
[Turkey, 07.05.] Turkmenistan interested in gas supply to Turkey
[Turkey, 08.05.] Turkish Stream project analyzed by the European Commission
[Turkey, 08.05.] Ministry of Energy refuses to deliver international report on NPP Akkuyu
[Turkey, 12.05.] Commissioning date of STAR refinery announced
[Turkey, 15.05.] TANAP construction is progressing according to plan

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  • Production / consumption / export / flow for each border in SEE

Power exchanges  – Page 82

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  • Futures market

ATC auctions – Page 89

  • Monthly ATC Auctions for June 2014 – Page 61


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