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November-2 2015 edition of Balkan Energy NEWS publication, with 97 pages and 99 energy news articles.

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  • Renewable energy in Croatia – page 7
  • Weekly Carbon Trading Market update – page 15




16.11. – Enel to sell its stake in SEAS to EPH

20.11. – TAP awards contract for onshore line pipes to Corinth Pipeworks

25.11. – Russia stopped gas supply to Ukraine

27.11. – 10 EU countries are against Nord Stream II construction

01.12. – Statoil sold its stake in TAP to Snam

01.12. – Petrol is cheapest in BiH and Macedonia

01.12. – EPS to buy a share in ERS



16.11. – OSHEE reported increased collection and reduced distribution losses

18.11. – TransAtlantic Petroleum to sell its assets in Albania

20.11. – Bankers’ Albanian bank accounts suspended due to tax dispute

23.11. – Court of Arbitration ruled freezing Bankers’ bank accounts illegal

01.12. – Bankers Petroleum threatens to stop production


Bosnia and Herzegovina

19.11. – BH-Gas achieved profit in 2014

21.11. – Slightly lower income from electricity exports in 2015

24.11. – Construction of TPP Banovici to start in second half of 2016

25.11. – HPP Visegrad produced 846 GWh of electricity in 2015

26.11. – Solar power plant commissioned in Kakanj

28.11. – 2 SHPP concessions awarded by Zenica-Doboj Canton

28.11. – 2 SHPPs to be built in Trnovo municipality

01.12. – November production at TPP Gacko above planned

01.12. – Negotiations with Gazprom on gas imports



18.11. – Bulgaria demand equal EU treatment of pipeline projects

20.11. – Russia has no plans for TurkStream branch or gas hub in Bulgaria

21.11. – Agreement on Bulgaria-Greece gas interconnection to be signed on 10 December

22.11. – Strong winds interrupted electricity supply

23.11. – Offers for loan to BEH expected in 2-3 weeks

24.11. – French and US companies interested in supplying gas to Bulgaria

24.11. – Liberalization of natural gas market

26.11. – No change in volumes of Russian natural gas supply

27.11. – Tender for hydrocarbons exploration in Varna region published

28.11. – Electricity price hike expected after market liberalization

30.11. – Bulgaria has two options in case of gas supply disruption

30.11. – Bulgaria backs Nord Stream II construction



19.11. – Five Croatian energy projects marked as PCI by the EC

19.11. – Electricity production in September fell by 36 %



17.11. – PPC will not increase tariffs despite its cash flow problems

18.11. – Revived interest in ITGI project

18.11. – RES special account to finish 2015 with a deficit

20.11. – Energean obtained license extension for south Kavala gas deposit

20.11. – Greek energy projects on the EC’s PCI list

24.11. – DEDDIE to invest 1.5 billion euros in the next 5 years

26.11. – PPC recorded loss in the third quarter of 2015

27.11. – EC rejected bid for TPP Ptolemaida 3 relaunch

27.11. – ELPE launched seismic surveys at Gulf of Patras

30.11. – Fluxys and Enagas submitted a proposal for stake in DESFA



17.11. – EC to call off procurements for NPP Paks expansion project

19.11. – Natural gas reserves at 3.2 billion cubic meters

19.11. – EC officially announced infringement procedure over NPP Paks expansion

20.11. – Decreased profit of electricity distributors Elmu and Emasz

24.11. – Investments in geothermal energy

24.11. – NPP Paks expansion project does not include state aid

25.11. – MOL to settle option for 5.2 million treasury shares

27.11. – Siemens interested in NPP Paks expansion project

01.12. – ENKSZ to acquire 50 % stake in Elmu-Emasz as of 1 January



25.11. – Domestic electricity production covered 59.1 % of consumption in September



24.11. – Jugopetrol pays more than 2 million euros in dividends

27.11. – Agreement with Skoda Praha to be signed in early December

01.12. – CGES’ shareholders adopted a decision on property pledge



16.11. – Transelectrica’s profit remained at the same level

16.11. – Rompetrol Rafinare achieved profit in the first nine months

16.11. – Romgaz achieved lower profits

16.11. – Gas imports reduced by 80 % in the first nine months of 2015

17.11. – Nuclearelectrica increased profit by 70 % in 2015

17.11. – Electrica increased profit by 27 % in the first nine months

17.11. – ENGIE to takeover Congaz

18.11. – Romgaz revised its profit estimate for 2015

18.11. – Hidroelectrica reported gross profit of 223.1 million euros

18.11. – OMV Petrom modernized research institute

19.11. – Enel plans to invest 630 million euros in Romania

20.11. – KMG International to invest 6 million dollars in automated fuel delivery system

23.11. – Gas consumption amounts to 73.563 million MWh in first seven months

24.11. – FCN Pitesti produced 150,000th nuclear fuel bundle

25.11. – Energy strategy completion will attract foreign investments

26.11. – Electricity prices for households to fall as of 1 January

26.11. – Overhaul at Petromidia refinery completed

27.11. – Hidroelectrica won lawsuit against energy trader Elsid Titu

27.11. – Romanian President and OMV’s CEO discussed royalties

30.11. – Gas pipeline Ungheni-Kishinev could be financed by EU funds



16.11. – Funding for six new biomass/biogas power plants

16.11. – EPS to invest 1.35 billion euros in large projects

16.11. – Local companies invest in SHPPs

20.11. – EPS’ bill collection at 96.1 %

23.11. – Gazpromneft obtained two gas fields in Serbia

24.11. – Nearly 100,000 households will get free electricity and gas in 2016

25.11. – Gas-fired power plant to be built in Beocin

25.11. – Natural gas for industrial consumers more expensive than in the EU

01.12. – No concerns over natural gas supply from Gazprom



17.11. – NPP Krsko production in October

20.11. – No plans for second unit at NPP Krsko

21.11. – Petrol achieved lower revenues but higher profit

27.11. – HEP to supply electricity to Koper Port



17.11. – Turkey and Russia to continue joint energy projects

19.11. – Turkey to invest 125 billion dollars in energy by 2023

20.11. – KRG plans to export 10 billion cubic meters of gas to Turkey

20.11. – Turkey announced new renewable energy subsidies

22.11. – Natural gas could be cheaper for  consumers

23.11. – Turkish Petroleum plans more investments abroad

27.11. – Turkey not ready for possible Russian gas cut

30.11. – BIS Enerji stopped production


 Power data  – Page 53

  • Commercial flows per interconnection
  • Production / consumption / export / flow for each border in SEE

Power exchanges  – Page 76

  • Spot market
  • Futures market

ATC auctions – Page 83

  • Monthly ATC Auctions for December 2015


Tenders – Page 85


Upcoming events – Page 90


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