Price forecasts for Hungary and SEE

Day-ahead, Week ahead and long term - for all tradeable products

Energy Price forecasts for HUNGARY and SEE

We offer 5 different price forecasting solutions for SEE markets, which include all the analytics and data a power trader needs

In addition to price forecasts, value of our reports is in “out of the box” analytics and in-depth analyses of SEE price drivers - but also impact of CWE markets and Flow Based Market Coupling on SEE pricing

As each service is tailored based on engagement or trading activity, we advise that you view presentation of each service from the menu or by clicking on a link below

10-Year price forecast (2025-2023) - for HUPX and other SEE power markets
HUPX+SEE Spot Support - Day ahead and Week ahead HUPX forecasts
HUPX+SEE Trading Tool - Standard Month-ahead Forecast report
Month-ahead Trading Strategy - Premium Month-ahead Forecast report
Bi-Weekly Risk and Portfolio - Forecast for all tradeable products

Below you can find sample reports of each service


We provide different options and help you select the ones that best suits your business needs:

Energy news Service

From 99 EUR/month
  • Web access
  • PDF Publications
  • Data download
  • Email delivery
  • Company - level licence

Price forecasting

From 490 EUR/month
  • Day-ahead HUPX
  • Week-ahead HUPX
  • Month-ahead HUPX
  • Q+1,Q+2 and Cal+1
  • 10-year forecast

Country Reports

From 250 EUR/year
  • For 8 SEE countries
  • Single or joint packages
  • 2 times per year update
  • Over 1,200 pages
  • Company - level licence

Contact Info

Balkan Energy AG, Switzerland

+41 44 586 98 55

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