Month-ahead trading strategies and Advisory

Month-ahead trading advisory

“Monthly trading advisory” is an extensive month-ahead forecast and analysis of Hungarian and SEE markets. This type of service is intended to give detailed analytics, alternative ideas, trading strategies, out-of-the box thinking – with a goal to challenge opinions, actions and strategies of your traders and analysts.

“Trading Strategy” document is published some 30 days before the delivery month starts. Subscription to “Monthly trading strategies” also includes a 2-hour long personal presentation and discussion with our expert – where we further explain risks, opportunities and our standpoints from the document.

Forecast report below is a sample edition. For trial and subscriptions, contact us on

Download (PDF, Trading-Strategy-November-2021.pdf)

Success rate

Trading advices given in our month-ahead trading documents continue to have 100% hit rate, for 9 months in a row for HU-DE spread trading.

Following HU-DE spread trading advices were given in our previous trading strategy reports:

  • BUY November 2021: 17.5 EUR/MWh profit (strategy publish date VS last trading day spread)
  • BUY October 2021: 43.2 EUR/MWh profit
  • SELL September 2021: 7.7 EUR/MWh profit
  • BUY August 2021: 14.9 EUR/MWh profit
  • BUY July 2021: 6.0 EUR/MWh profit
  • SELL June 2021: 2.5 EUR/MWh profit
  • BUY May 2021: 2.4 EUR/MWh profit
  • BUY April 2021: 6.8 EUR/MWh profit
  • SELL March 2021: 5.6 EUR/MWh profit