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Energy NEWS service

Be up to date with energy news, prices and data for SEE

Our Energy NEWS service has started in 2004 - created to be all-around energy info and data source for anyone who is active in energy business of South Eastern Europe. Energy NEWS service provides not just latest news for South Eastern Europe, but also detailed overview of power markets - Spot and Futures prices, generation, consumption, exports and power flows, capacity auctions and much more - with a price of just 99 EUR/month (company level). Service also includes Excel data and chart delivery.

Service includes:
SEE+Hungary Energy Daily publication: published 3 times per week (50-55 pages per edition) + excel file
Balkan Energy NEWS publication: published 2 times per month (90-110 pages per edition) + excel file
News database: Searchable database of over 33,000 energy news articles, with date/country filters and search by keyword

Service price: 99 EUR/month or 1,190 EUR/year (company level license)

Below you can find sample report and more info about the service

Download ( Energy Daily.pdf )

Download ( Bi-monthly publication.pdf )

About Energy NEWS service

Our Energy NEWS service is consisted of two PDF publications, web access with searchable latest news and data in excel. Energy news service covers:
Energy news: electricity, gas, oil, renewables
Overview of Day-ahead markets
Overview of Forward / Futures market (Power, Coal, Gas, EUA)
Power flows and import / exports
Generation and consumption data
Capacity auctions (daily, monthly, annual)
Weather and RES forecasts

Power portal – online access to energy news articles, PDF Publications and Excel files

Access to 33,000 energy news articles published by Balkan Energy for the past 19 years
View / Download of current and previous PDF editions
Excel data files
Available on both desktop and any mobile device
User-friendly interface, with Country / Date filters and “Search”

PDF: SEE + Hungary Energy Daily

An info product published 3 times per business week: on mornings of Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Product covers energy news, power data, spot and futures trading data, forecast, capacity auctions, tenders, carbon market….With its publishing schedule and amount of published news articles and data, this product guarantees easy planning of short-term business strategies.

PDF: Balkan Energy NEWS publication

Twice-a-month info product with 100-130 pages in each edition, covering electricity / oil / gas / RES sectors for 12 countries of South Eastern Europe. It is without doubt most comprehensive energy info source for SEE. Each edition contains one or two market analysis on various topics, 100-120 energy news articles, spot market data, futures market data, EU carbon market reports, production / consumption / export power data, power flows per each border, auctions for Available Transmission Capacity (ATC, offered and results)..

Contact Info

Balkan Energy AG, Switzerland

+41 44 586 98 55

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