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INA obtained hydrocarbon exploration license for the Dinarides – Croatia, 06 December 2019

The Croatian Government announced that it has awarded an oil and gas exploration license in the Dinarides area to the national oil company INA. According to the statement from the […]

Hydrocarbon explorations in Lika should start soon – Croatia, 20 September 2019

Croatian Hydrocarbons Agency (AZU) said that it has successfully completed the tender for exploration and exploitation of oil and gas in the Dinarides, following the similar tenders in Slavonija and […]

One bid received for hydrocarbon exploration in the Dinarides – Croatia, 10 September 2019

The Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency (HAZU) said that it has received one bid on a tender for issuing a license for hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation in the Dinarides. HAZU said in […]