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HEP in talks on the possible takeover of GPZ – Croatia, 17 February 2022

Croatian Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Tomislav Coric said that state-owned power utility HEP is currently in talks on the possible takeover of natural gas distributor and supplier Gradska […]

Residential gas prices expected to rise by up to 70 % – Croatia, 31 January 2022

Director of Croatian natural gas supplier and distributor Gradska Plinara Zagreb (GPZ) Jeronim Tomas announced steep price increases for both residential and commercial consumers. Tomas said that household gas bills […]

GPZ to increase gas prices for commercial consumers – Croatia, 11 October 2021

In order to prevent damage as a result of force majeure (coronavirus pandemic) which destabilized the natural gas markets, which resulted in an increase in the supply price of this […]