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Hungary increases energy dependence on Russia by signing new contract with Gazprom – Hungary, 01 September 2022

The Hungarian Government has signed an agreement with Russian gas company Gazprom to increase the volume of gas deliveries, the maximum level being increased to 5.8 million cubic meters per […]

Bulgaria will most likely go to arbitration with Gazprom – Bulgaria, 29 August 2020

Former CEO of Bulgarian Energy Holding (BEH) Valentin Nikolov said that Bulgaria made a big mistake by not adhering to existing gas supply contract with Russian Gazprom, adding that there […]

Hungary to increase gas supplies from Gazprom – Hungary, 30 August 2020

Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto said that the country will continue talks with Russia on increasing gas supplies and expects to reach an agreement with Gazprom […]