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EU cuts Just Transition Fund to 10 billion euros – Region, 22 July 2020

The European Council reached an agreement on the seven-year budget through 2027 including a mechanism for the recovery from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic worth 750 billion euros. However, […]

Romania could get larger amount from Just Transition Fund to close its coal-fired TPPs – Romania, 30 June 2020

The funds earmarked for Romania under the Just Transition Fund, aimed at helping European Union countries cut the CO2 emissions by 50 % by 2030, went up significantly from 700 […]

Up to 10 billion euros for SEE under Just Transition Fund – Region, 29 May 2020

The European Commission (EC) has increased five-fold its proposed EU fund to wean carbon-intensive regions off fossil fuels, with fresh cash from a new recovery fund to help Europe’s ailing […]