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Bulgaria and North Macedonia signed agreement on gas interconnection – Region, 31 October 2022

Gas transmission system operators of Bulgaria and North Macedonia – Bulgartransgaz and GA-MA have signed an agreement on the expansion of the existing gas interconnection between the two countries to […]

EU to invest in increasing Croatia’s electricity interconnections – Region, 04 August 2022

Preparing for the complete rejection of Russian natural gas, the European Union will invest 240 billion euros in its electricity transmission network by 2040 through 141 projects. This includes interconnectivity […]

Krajinapetrol recorded losses in Q1 2022 – Bosnia and Herzegovina, 06 May 2022

Bosnian fuel trader Krajinapetrol announced that it has recorded a net loss in the amount of some 110,000 euros in the first quarter of 2022, compared to a loss of […]