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Regulated electricity and gas prices frozen until 2022 – Romania, 29 January 2019

Romanian National Authority for Energy Regulation (ANRE) said that electricity and natural gas prices for household consumers on the regulated market will not increase until 2022, following the enforcement of […]

OPCOM spot prices reached 128 euros/MWh – Romania, 04 January 2018

The record electricity price on the Romanian spot market in 2018 – 125 euros/MWh, was exceeded after just three days in 2019. Namely, for the delivery day of 4 January, […]

RES fee increased by 44 % in RS – Bosnia and Herzegovina, 04 January 2018

January electricity bill for all customers of state-owned power utility ERS will be higher due to a change in renewable energy sources (RES) fee, which was increased by 44.2 %. […]