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Romania is the EU country least dependent on gas imports – Region, 20 April 2022

According to data published by Eurostat, the rate of dependence of the European Union on natural gas imports decreased slightly in 2021, to 83 %, from 84 % in 2020, […]

SEEGAS addresses vulnerabilities to gas disruptions in southeastern Europe – Region, 21 March 2022

Gas stakeholders underlined that coordinated actions and measures were the best response to ensure the stability of the regional gas system following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The meeting under […]

SEE electricity prices to remain above 150 euros/MWh in the next few months – Region, 18 March 2022

Director of the Electricity Market Division at Serbian EMS Marko Jankovic said at the Trebinje Energy Summit is that the price of electricity in southeastern Europe will not drop below […]