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Valeura Energy to resume drilling activities in 2022 – Turkey, 18 November 2021

CEO of Canadian Valeura Energy Sean Guest said that the company in planning to resume drilling in Turkey’s Thrace region in 2022, with a new partner. Guest reminded that Valeura […]

TPAO discovered 200 million cubic meters of gas in Thrace – Turkey, 12 March 2020

Recent exploration operations by the Turkish Petroleum (TPAO) in Turkey’s northwestern Thrace region have resulted in a gas discovery in two new wells, an amount that would meet nearly 15 […]

Equinor to withdraw from Thrace partnership with Valeura – Turkey, 04 February 2020

Canadian company Valeura Energy said that it has received notification from its joint venture partner Norwegian Equinor, indicating that it plans to withdraw from the deep gas appraisal program in […]