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Snam and Albgaz signed agreement on joint venture – Albania, 11 June 2018

Italian gas infrastructure company Snam announced that it has signed an agreement with Albania state-owned gas operator Albgaz on the establishment of a joint venture company for the purpose of […]

Albgaz admitted to ENTSOG as an observer – Albania, 10 May 2018

Albanian state-owned gas company Albgaz announced that it has been admitted to the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG) as an observer. This will allow Albgaz to […]

Establishment of joint venture between Albgaz and Snam approved – Albania, 22 March 2018

Albanian Government said that it has approved the establishment of a joint venture company between state-owned gas operator Albgaz and Italian Snam for the purpose of maintenance of the Albanian […]