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PPC pushing for TPP Amynteo modernization – Greece, 28 December 2018

Greek Public Power Corporation (PPC) is pressuring the Government to include coal-fired thermal power plant Amynteo in the country’s energy mix by securing the environmental upgrade of the plant and […]

Government plans to keep TPP Amynteo operational after the expiration of EC-set limit – Greece, 08 November 2018

Greek Government plans to submit a third request to the European Commission (EC) for the extension of the operational life of lignite-fired thermal power plant Amynteo, operated by Public Power […]

PPC plans to extend operational life of TPP Amynteo – Greece, 05 October 2018

Greek state-controlled Public Power Corporation (PPC) is preparing an environmental upgrade of its 600 MW coal-fired thermal power plant Amynteo in order to get 32,500-hour extension of its operational life […]