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Albania to appeal against arbitration ruling over Bankers Petroleum tax dispute – Albania, 25 October 2016

Albanian National Agency for Natural Resources (AKBN) decided to appeal against the results of the third-party audit regarding the tax dispute between the Canadian-based company Bankers Petroleum and the Albanian […]

Chinese SAFE approved the acquisition of Bankers Petroleum – Albania, 12 September 2016

Canadian-based oil company Bankers Petroleum, which operates in Albania, announced that the proposed plan for its acquisition by the affiliates of Chinese Geo-Jade Petroleum Corporation has received Chinese State Administration […]

Bankers Petroleum signed domestic crude oil sales contract with IRTC – Albania, 2 September 2016

Canadian-based oil company Bankers Petroleum announced that it has signed a domestic crude oil sales agreement with Ionian Refining and Trading Co. (IRTC). The agreement will come into force after […]