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Coupling of Austrian and Slovenian electricity markets postponed – Slovenia, 7 July 2016

According to the statement from the European Power Exchange – Epex Spot, the coupling of the Austrian and Slovenian electricity markets has been postponed until 21 July due to IT issues. The statement said that the AT-SI Market Coupling will be in operation as of 21 July for delivery day 22 July. After 21 July, […]

Slovenian-Italian intraday markets successfully coupled – Slovenia, 21 June 2016

Slovenian BSP Southpool energy exchange announced that Slovenian and Italian intraday markets have been successfully coupled as of 21 June 2016. A year ago, BSP Southpool integrated the Slovenian day-ahead energy market into Pan-European coupling. Now, using similar technology, the connection of energy markets of Italy and Slovenia in implicit auctions for intraday trading (ID-IA […]