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Intraday capacity allocation on Croatian-Hungarian border to start on 27 March – Region, 21 March 2018

Croatian electricity transmission system operator HOPS announced that the launch date of intraday allocation on Croatian-Hungarian border will be at 18:00 of 27 March (with the publication of ID ATC […]

ESO and MEPSO agreed to conduct joint capacity allocation auctions – Region, 24 November 2017

Bulgarian and Macedonian electricity transmission system operators ESO and MEPSO have signed an agreement according to which the two operators will conduct joint capacity allocation auctions. The signed agreement is […]

Implementation of shadow auction for Austrian-Slovenian market coupling – Slovenia, 22 December 2016

Slovenian electricity transmission system operator ELES announced that the implementation of shadow auction (SA) as backup solution for Austrian-Slovenian market coupling will start on 9 January 2017 (trading day). In […]