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Mining Chamber warns about electricity price rise in case of coal-fired TPPs closure – Bulgaria, 17 March 2017

Bulgarian Mining and Geology Chamber has warned about the possibility of the increase in electricity price in Bulgaria in case of the closure of country’s coal-fired thermal power plants due to CO2 emissions restrictions that should be adopted by the EU in April. CEO of the Mining and Geology Chamber, Ivan Andreev said that the […]

Croatia, 19.01. INA hired consultant to find sustainable solution for Sisak refinery operation

Croatian oil company INA has contracted consulting firm Deloitte in order to find and analyse options for the sustainable operation of its Sisak oil refinery. The statement from Ina said that the project will be carried out in close cooperation with the company’s experts and consultation with trade unions at the refinery. The objective of […]

EC approved state aid for the closure of two coalmines – Romania, 25 November 2016

The European Commission (EC) approved the financial aid of 99 million euros that Romania will grant for the closure of two inefficient coalmines – Lonea and Lupeni, which are a part of Energy Complex Hunedoara. The EC ruled that this financial support does not breach the EU rules on state aid. The miners who will […]