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KESH launched invitation for Drin river cascade dam safety project – Albania, 30 April 2018

Albanian state-owned Power Corporation (KESH) announced that it has launched a pre-qualifying invitation of bids for the implementation of the project for increasing the safety of the dam of Vau […]

Riviera 2008 to build SHPP on the Drin river – Albania, 1 February 2018

Albanian Ministry of Energy said that the local company Riviera 2008 has applied for a license for the construction of small hydropower plant (SHPP) on one of the branches of […]

Three companies requested permits for SHPPs on Drin, Selce rivers – Albania, 27 January 2017

Albanian Ministry of Industry and Energy announced that three companies have requested permits for the construction of three small hydropower plants (SHPP) with power output of 2 MW each on […]