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Government considering merging Hidroelectrica and EC Oltenia – Romania, 01 October 2019

The Romanian Government is considering the merge of lignite-powered plants of Energy Complex (EC) Oltenia and the hard coal plants of EC Hunedoara with hydro-based electricity producer Hidroelectrica, in case […]

Government approved EC Hunedoara’s provision of system services to Transelectrica – Romania, 5 April 2018

Romanian Government has adopted an Emergency Ordinance which stipulates that the power plants of state-owned Energy Complex (EC) Hunedoara will have to provide 400 MW system services to electricity transmission […]

EC Hunedoara to provide tertiary reserve for Transelectrica – Romania, 23 March 2018

The national electricity system would face major operational risks without the contribution of coal-fired thermal power plants Mintia and Paroseni, which operate within Energy Complex (EC) Hunedoara, and since the […]