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ESM covers the country’s electricity consumption with its production – Macedonia, 22 October 2022

According to the Government of North Macedonia, on 21 October, electricity production of coal-fired power plants amounted to 8,737 MWh, with two units of TPP Bitola and TPP Oslomej in […]

Slovenia managed to reduce electricity and gas consumption – Slovenia, 21 October 2022

According to the Office for Macroeconomic Analysis and Development of Slovenia (UMAR), natural gas consumption in August was reduced by 14 % and in September by 11 % compared to […]

Energy Daily 17.10.2022

Edition 17.10.2022 with 62 pages and 17 energy news articles This report is just one segment of our Energy NEWS service. Register for free to our POWER PORTAL – www.portal3.balkanenergy.com […]