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Elektrokrajina reduced distribution losses to 13 % – Bosnia and Herzegovina, 6 March 2017

Bosnian electricity distributor Elektrokrajina, a subsidiary of power utility ERS, has continued the trend of improving business and financial results in 2016, primarily through reducing distribution losses and increasing total revenues and net profit. Director of Elektrokrajina Seka Kuzmanovic said total revenues in 2016 amounted to 120.5 million euros, which is 8.5 % higher compared […]

Net profit of CEZ Distribution increased in 2016 – Bulgaria, 1 March 2017

Bulgarian subsidiary of the Czech energy group CEZ, CEZ Distribution Bulgaria, recorded a net profit in the amount of 13.6 million euros in 2016, which is a 20 % increased compared to 2015 net profit of 11.35 million euros. The company’s sales revenues also increased and amounted to 220.9 million euros in 2016, compared to […]

Enel to pay 401 million euros for 13.5 % stake in Electrica Muntenia Sud – Romania, 14 February 2017

The International Arbitration Court in Paris ruled that energy company Enel will have to pay the amount of 401 million euros to the Romanian state for the 13.5 % stake in Electrica Muntenia Sud. The initial request by the state exceeded 521 million euros. The statement from Enel confirmed that the company received the arbitral […]