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Cost of coal-fired surpasses cost of gas-fired electricity generation – Greece, 09 March 2023

For the first time since the start of energy crisis and the introduction of a temporary recovery mechanism, the cost of coal-fired electricity generation surpassed the cost of gas-fired electricity […]

IMF seeks further electricity and natural gas price hikes – Serbia, 06 March 2023

Head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission to Serbia Donal McGettigan said that low energy prices in the country will have to be increased, along with the complete reorganization […]

Electricity prices decreased and gas prices increased in Q4 2022 – Slovenia, 06 March 2023

According to the data from the Statistical Office of Republic of Slovenia, households were paying 0.172 euros per kWh of electricity and 0.095 euros per kWh of natural gas in […]