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E.ON Romania refers energy regulation system to Constitutional Court – Romania, 13 July 2023

The electricity and natural gas supplier E.ON Energie Romania, local subsidiary of German giant E.ON, referred to the Constitutional Court the way of calculating the amounts due to electricity suppliers as compensation for the differences between the acquisition costs on the markets and the capped p Full article available for subscribers of Energy NEWS service […]

Retail market shares largely unchanged in June – Greece, 07 July 2023

Greek Public Power Corporation (PPC) has ended the month of June with a slightly lower market share, down to 54.99 % from 55.68 % at the end of May, which takes the total market share held by the independent suppliers to 45.01 % from 44.32 % last month. Market share figures in June remained larg […]

Cheaper daytime tariff reintroduced from 1 December – Macedonia, 27 June 2023

President of the Regulatory Energy Commission (RKE) Marko Bislimovski announced that, as of 1 December, the cheaper daytime electricity tariff between 13:00 and 15:00 will be reintroduced. Bislimovski said that the cheaper tariff is not being reintroduced due to political reasons, but due to a fa Full article available for subscribers of Energy NEWS service […]