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EnC launched dispute settlement procedure against BiH for breaching Large Combustion Plants Directive – Bosnia and Herzegovina, 28 October 2022

The Energy Community (EnC) Secretariat has sent an Opening Letter to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) to address its breach of the Large Combustion Plants Directive in the case of the […]

Energy Community DSOs recommend measures for stable operation during crisis – Region, 04 October 2022

Electricity distribution networks form a critical part of local energy systems with distribution system operators (DSO) charged with ensuring reliable electricity supply, which is delivered in a safe and secure […]

EnC opens dispute settlement case against Serbia for lack of availability of interconnection capacity with Kosovo – Serbia, 06 September 2022

In July 2022, the Energy Community (EnC) Secretariat opened dispute settlement procedures against Serbia for its failure to comply with the Electricity Directive 2009/72/EC and the Electricity Regulation 714/2009 by […]