NKM acquired local gas distributor – Hungary, 17 October 2017

Hungarian state-owned NKM National Utilities, formerly named ENKSZ, announced that it has signed an agreement with ENGIE on the acquisition of 100 % stake in regional natural gas distributor Egaz-Degaz […]

State takeover of 100 % of Fogaz shares approved – Hungary, 14 June 2017

State-owned utility company ENKSZ, which is now operating under a new name NKM Nemzeti Kozmuvek, will acquire 100 % of the shares of natural gas distributor Fogaz and will provide […]

ENKSZ completed the purchase of EDF Demasz – Hungary, 1 February 2017

Hungarian state-owned utility company ENKSZ announced that it has completed the acquisition of a regional electricity supplier EDF Demasz from French company EDF International, following the approval by the Hungarian […]