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DEPA and Shell agreed on roadmap for EPA Attiki acquisition – Greece, 15 February 2018

Greek Public Gas Corporation (DEPA) and Shell have agreed on the roadmap of DEPA’s acquisition of their joint-venture, gas supplier EPA Attiki which covers the wider Athens area and in […]

DEPA and its partners discuss the future of joint EPA companies – Greece, 28 September 2017

Following the request from Greek creditors that Public Gas Corporation DEPA should pull out of retail gas market, the company and its partners in local gas supply companies (EPA) Eni […]

DEPA to establish retail gas division – Greece, 10 March 2017

In light of upcoming legal framework revisions and full liberalization of the Greek natural gas market as of 1 January 2018, Public Gas Corporation (DEPA) is now establishing a retail […]