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Serbia and Russia removed destination clause from gas supply agreement – Serbia, 02 October 2018

On 27 September, the Serbian Parliament approved the removal of the destination clause included in the 2012 inter-governmental agreement between the Governments of Serbia and Russia for the supply of […]

Romania to increase gas export capacity 40 times to avoid EC investigation – Romania, 24 September 2018

Romanian natural gas transmission system operator Transgaz has promised to the European Community (EC) to increase gas export capacity 40 times, from current level of below 100,000 cubic meters to […]

Gazprom increased natural gas exports to non-CIS countries – Region, 18 September 2018

Russian gas company Gazprom exported 5.8 % more natural gas to non-CIS countries in the period between 1 January and 15 September this year, totaling 141.3 billion cubic meters. During […]