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Gas prices for households will not increase in 2017 – Romania, 13 October 2016

Vice-President of the National Energy Regulatory Aurthority (ANRE) Emil Calota siad that the price of natural gas produced domestically and imported natural gas will converge on 1 April 2017, therefore […]

Gas prices to hit three-year low this autumn – Greece, 26 August 2016

According to the Greek Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE), natural gas import prices between January and March 2016 (ranging from 14.3 to 15.6 euros/MWh) were the lowest registered since April […]

Households will be supplied with domestic gas only – Romania, 4 July 2016

According to a decision by the Romanian National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE), in the next nine months households will exclusively consume domestically produced natural gas. The reason for this decision […]