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Half of Romanian TPPs among the highest polluters in Europe – Romania, 11 July 2016

According to a report released by Greenpeace Romania, five of eleven thermal power plants that are currently operational in Romania are on the list of top 30 European facilities with highest impact on human health. The report states that the five countries which thermal power plants have caused the highest number of premature deaths across […]

Greenpeace claims its NPP Paks expansion study is valid – Hungary, 10 June 2016

After the comments that the Government Commissioner Attila Aszodi made last week on Greenpeace study on the project for the expansion of Hungarian sole nuclear power plant, this environmental organization claims that its study is valid. In its study, Greenpeace believes that this project violates the EU directives on state aid, public procurement and electricity […]

Greenpeace study on NPP Paks expansion is faulty – Hungary, 6 June 2016

The Government Commissioner for the upgrade of NPP Paks, Attila Aszodi said that the Greenpeace study on the expansion of nuclear power plant Paks contains serious discrepancies and mistakes. Environmental non-governmental organization Greenpeace reiterated its objections to this project as the organization believes that it violates the EU directives on state aid, public procurement and […]