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Waste-to-energy facility construction start pushed for spring 2019 – Serbia, 28 May 2018

Belgrade city manager Goran Vesic said that French Suez is planning to start the construction of waste-to-energy facility and the Vinca landfill in spring 2019. Previously it was announced that […]

ALTEO Group to become sole owner of Zuglo-Therm – Hungary, 30 January 2018

A contract on the sale of 51 % stake in the operator of combined heat and power plant in the Zuglo district of Budapest has been concluded between NKM Foldgazszolgaltato […]

RADET to be transformed into a joint stock company – Romania, 15 January 2018

The General Counselors of Bucharest are expected to give their consent to a set of measures included in RADET reorganization plan, which prescribes the transformation of the company into a […]