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Agreement on the construction of missing infrastructure for Obrenovac-New Belgrade heating pipeline signed – Serbia, 20 January 2023

Serbian power utility EPS and Belgrade heating utility Beogradske Elektrane have signed the agreement on the construction of the missing infrastructure and the regulation of the mutual rights and obligations […]

Average heating consumption in Serbia higher than in EU – Serbia, 24 October 2022

According to Serbia’s Energy Agency (AERS), the average annual heating consumption in Serbia is close to 150 kWh per square meter, which is by 30 kWh more than in the […]

Hungary to reduce gas consumption to a third of the current one by 2050 – Hungary, 25 October 2022

Hungarian Minister of Technology and Industry Laszlo Palkovics said that the country aims to achieve a goal of reducing natural gas consumption to between 3 and 4 billion cubic meters […]