HROTE launched tender for awarding market premiums – Croatia, 20 June 2022

Croatian energy market operator HROTE has launched a public tender for the award of market premiums for enticing electricity generation from renewable energy sources and high-efficiency cogeneration. The quota for […]

Biogas producers seek higher feed-in tariffs – Croatia, 10 June 2022

According to the President of the Croatian Association of Biogas Producers Marijan Cenger, the situation in Croatian biogas sector is alarming and there are no new investors interested in biogas-based […]

Earnings from RES generation amounted to 116 million euros in 2021 – Croatia, 07 April 2022

According to Croatian media, 3.5 TWh of electricity was generated from renewable energy sources under the support scheme of the Croatian Energy Market Operator HROTE in 2021, with earnings amounting […]