HUDEX selected as reference energy exchange until 2022 – Montenegro, 11 December 2019

Last week, Montenegrin Regulatory Agency for Energy (RAE) selected the Hungarian energy exchange HUDEX as reference exchange until 2022. It already acted as reference exchange since 2017. For the three-year […]

Trading in energy physical futures started on HUDEX – Hungary, 3 January 2018

The Hungarian Derivative Energy Exchange (HUDEX) announced the launch of operations on 3 January. Physical futures in electricity and gas, which were earlier traded on the HUPX electricity and CEEGEX […]

Record volume on HUPX PhF market in October – Hungary, 14 November 2017

Hungarian energy exchange HUPX said that Physical futures market of HUPX reached a two-year record trading volume of 1,638.3 GWh in October. The amount is 145.4 % higher than the […]