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JANAF signed oil transportation, storage deals with INA – Croatia, 26 January 2023

Croatian state-owned oil transportation company JANAF announced that it has signed contracts for crude oil storage and transportation with the national oil company INA. The statement from the company said […]

INA’s net profit rose by 152 % in the first nine months of 2022 – Croatia, 28 October 2022

Energy market turmoil driven by the geopolitical risks and supply issues continues to keep the hydrocarbon prices at elevated levels, with Brent prices above 100 dollars per barrel and CEGH […]

INA signed 300 million euros revolving credit agreement – Croatia, 20 October 2022

Croatia oil company INA said that it has signed a revolving credit agreement worth 300 million euros with a group consisting of eight banks. The banks within the lending group […]