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Fire at MOL’s Danube refinery – Hungary, 15 June 2022

A small fire broke out at the Atmospheric and Vacuum Distillation-2 (AV-2) plant of the Danube refinery in Szazhalombatta in the early hours of 14 June. The staff and the […]

Explosion at Soko coalmine kills eight miners – Serbia, 01 April 2022

Serbian Ministry of Energy confirmed that methane gas explosion at the underground Soko coalmine near Sokobanja in southern Serbia has killed eight miners in the early hours of 1 April. […]

ANAF drafts bill on windfall revenue tax for energy producers – Romania, 20 January 2022

Romanian tax collection agency ANAF drafted a bill which introduces an 80 % tax on the revenues generated by the energy products in excess of 91 euros/MWh. The average price […]