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Extraordinary audit of INA’s gas business requested – Croatia, 29 August 2020

Croatian Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Davor Filipovic said that will request an extraordinary audit of natural gas business of the national oil company INA in the period from […]

INA executive arrested under suspicion of illegal gas trading – Croatia, 27 August 2022

Croatian anti-corruption office (USKOK) has arrested five persons, including Damir Skugor, an executive in Croatian oil company INA, under suspicion of illegal natural gas trading and money laundering. The damage […]

Investigation into Balkan Stream project found serious violations – Bulgaria, 02 August 2022

An investigation into the construction of the extension of TurkStream gas pipeline, dubbed Balkan Stream, has found some serious violations. Outgoing Prime Minister Kiril Petkova established working groups to conduct […]