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20 turbines already set up at Krnovo wind farm – Montenegro, 8 September 2016

The company Krnovo Green Energy, which is in charge of the construction and operation of Krnovo wind farm, announced that 20 of 26 planned wind turbines have been installed so […]

Report on wind farm projects in Montenegro – Montenegro, 11 August 2016

The preparatory works for the construction of Mozura wind farm have already begun, while the half of 26 planned wind turbines at wind farm Krnovo have been installed so far. […]

Krnovo wind farm could be operational in early October – Montenegro, 2 August 2016

During the visit of Montenegrin Deputy Prime Minister Petar Ivanovic to Niksic, it was announced that if weather conditions are favorable all 26 wind turbines at Krnovo wind farm should […]