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Hidroelectrica’s listing could take Romania to emerging market status – Romania, 22 March 2017

Chairman of the Bucharest Stock Exchange Administration Board Lucian Anghel said in an interview that the listing of electricity producer Hidroelectrica is needed for the Romanian capital market to upgrade to the status of emerging market and the Romanian state will be the main beneficiary of this promotion. Anghel said that the size requirement of […]

Hidroelectrica’s IPO unlikely to happen in 2017 – Romania, 28 February 2017

Portfolio Manager of the investment fund Fondul Proprietatea Greg Konieczny said in a press conference that there has been very little progress over the past few months regarding the initial public offering (IPO) of electricity producer Hidroelectrica, while a lot of decisions have been stalled within different committees and different levels of the Government. Konieczny […]

OMV Petrom’s GDRs traded on the London Stock Exchange – Romania, 20 October 2016

Romanian subsidiary of Austrian OMV Group – OMV Petrom announced that 373.8 million of its shares were listed on the London Stock Exchange in the form of global depository receipts (GDR) at a value of 0.02 euros per share. OMV Petrom thus became the third Romanian company which shares are traded at the London Stock […]