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Implementation of TPP Plomin C project halted – Croatia, 14 June 2016

Croatian Minister of Economy Tomislav Panenic said that this month or the next, the relevant Ministry will start creating the basis for the key issues of new Croatian energy development strategy, which should cover the period up to 2040. Minister Panenic explained that the guidelines for the strategy will be put to a public hearing, […]

TPP Plomin C project constitutes as state aid – Croatia, 31 May 2016

Last week, the Ministry of Economy and power utility HEP have received the opinion of the regulatory body of the European Commission (EC) for Competition which implies that the cooperation between HEP and Japanese Marubeni on the realization of TPP Plomin C project is unacceptable. Unofficially, the key problem was not in the contract for […]

TPP Plomin to switch from coal to gas – Croatia, 24 May 2016

Croatian Ministry of Construction and Spatial Planning has given approval for the Spatial Plan of Istria County and accepted the request of the County that the energy source for the future thermal power plant Plomin C would be natural gas. Istria County Prefect Valter Flego expressed his satisfaction that after many hours of negotiations with […]