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NIS to collect entire debt from Srbijagas in 2016 – Serbia, 14 May 2016

Late last year, the Serbian Parliament has passed a law, according to which the Serbian state will repay the debt of Srbijagas to oil company NIS in the amount of […]

NIS recorded net profit of 2.11 million euros in the first quarter – Serbia, 11 May 2016

Serbian oil company NIS announced that it the first quarter of 2016 it has achieved a net profit in the amount of 2.11 million euros, which is significantly better result […]

NIS proposed dividend payout of 0.2 euros per share – Serbia, 9 May 2016

The Board of Directors of Serbian oil company NIS has proposed to the company’s Shareholders’ Assembly that 25 % of non-consolidated profit from the previous year should be allocated to […]