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Gazprom to reduce gas transit via Ukraine – Region, 4 April 2018

CEO of Russian gas company Gazprom Alexey Miller said that the transit of Russian natural gas via Ukraine may be reduced to between 10 and 15 billion cubic meters per year, after the Nord Stream II and Turkish Stream gas pipelines are put in operation. Miller stressed that Gazprom will not completely stop gas transit […]

Gazprom expects no changes in key energy projects due to new US sanctions – Region, 15 August 2017

Representatives of Russian gas company Gazprom said that new US sanctions against Moscow would not result in any changes to key energy projects, although they could cause some delays. Several provisions of the sanctions law signed by US President Donald Trump earlier this month target Russian energy sector, which produces much of its foreign income, […]

Gazprom to invest over 700 million dollars in TurkStream project in 2017 – Turkey, 20 January 2017

According to 2017 business plan of Russian gas company Gazprom, its investments in gas midstream will increase by 6.8 % compared to the previous year to reach 15.3 billion dollars, including investments in TurkStream gas pipeline project. According to the plan, the investments in the construction of TurkStream, gas pipeline that will connect Russia and […]